ChamberMaster/MemberZone API

CM/MZ offers a basic GET/POST API integration. Below is information about our API and it’s restrictions and limitations. If you are interested in using this API, please call 800.825.9171 or email support@growthzone.com. If you are a developer for an organization, we will need authorization from the organization before we can proceed and offer an API key.

API documentation

The key goes in the request headers under the name X-ApiKey. In addition to the filters described in the documentation, our API also supports several other oData style filters. The documentation for those can be found here:



We do not recommend that you use it for web modules however, and it is limited to 50 calls per day so you may need to cache the information on a local machine.

Please note that support for the API key beyond the existing documentation is available at an additional cost.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Support.

GrowthZone API

APIs in GrowthZone are broadly organized by areas of use. The API is dynamic and has access to all the software with lots of possibilities. GrowthZone’s APIs are under active development and changes or additions can occur.

You will need to first have API access enabled in your tenant and obtain an API Client ID and Secret. For authentication options, we currently support standard oAuth2 flows and SAML. If you have questions or need help regarding API authentication, integration or support, please call 800.825.9171 or email GZSupport@growthzone.com. Below is the GZ API documentation.

GZ API documentation

This documentation is updated regularly and always represents the current state.