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ChamberMaster/MemberZone API

Getting Started

Get your API key from the Web Support Team.

Making API requests

Making a request is straightforward but there are several details you will need when making a request.

Constructing a URI

URIs follow a standard format of{Customer_ID})/

The {Customer_ID} can be found by looking at your database and finding the ID on the top of the page.

Making the Request

The following steps walk though retrieving the contacts of a database by making a GET /contact request.

  1. Make a cURL request
curl -L -X GET "{Customer_ID})/members/" ^
-H "X-ApiKey: {API_Key}"
The expected response follows this format:
        "Name": "string",
        "Email": "string",
        "Id": 'string',
        "LogoUrl": "string",
        "SearchLogoUrl": 'string',
        "Status": 'number',
        "StatusText": "String",
        "Latitude": 'string',
        "Longitude": 'string',
        "Level": 'number',
        "WebParticipationLevel": 'string',
        "DisplayFlags": 'number',
        "DoNotDisplayOnWeb": 'string',
        "MembershipEstablished": 'string',
        "Slug": "string",
        "DisplayName": "string",
        "DropDate": 'string'
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