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Testing Environments Option 1 Query String Parameter

These instructions work for ChamberMaster only

GrowthZone does not have a Query String Test option currently.

Setting up your testing environment with the Query String Parameter is a very effective method as it is very easy to implement; you should be able to see your testing results within a few minutes. The Query String Parameter allows you to attach/override the existing template path setting and can be completed on a temporary basis.

1. Single page query string:

To apply your template to a single page add ?template=x to the end of your module page URL. In this way you can test out multiple module pages using various templates

Business Directory And Events Calendar Example

2. Browser Session Query String:

Applies to the URL to which you apply the query string and all subsequent module pages during the browser session. If you wish to view all the modules using one template in succession, use ?globaltemplate=x and this will maintain the same template on all CM/MZ-provided pages for the whole session.

All-Pages Browser Session Example

***NOTE: If you are testing multiple templates, it is recommended that you use the first method for your testing environment, as the ?globaltemplate=x string could cause issues in your testing (for example, if you were loading an ‘events’ template for your events page, but then navigated to your business directory, the ‘events’ template would apply to your business directory, because as long as you are in the same session, the template specified in the url will always apply, which could create issues on some of the pages and/or lead to confusion).

To reset the global template so that it no longer applies to the CM/MZ-provided pages, you’ll want to clear your browser’s cookie/session data.

If using the Query String Parameter for testing is not to your liking, please consider setting up a testing environment using the Dev-Subdomain method.

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