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Testing Environments Option 2 Create A Dev Sub Domain

The second testing environment option is to set up a new sub-domain for use with the ChamberMaster modules which serves as an alternate context which can have it’s own settings, templates, styling etc…independent from the customer’s live CM/MZ-provided modules.

Add This Required Dev Record
  • Name: dev (example:
  • Zone Type: A
  • Host/IP Address:
Steps for using a sub-domain for development of a new site integrated with CM/MZ:
  1. Create new “A” type sub-domain record in client’s DNS which points to our server’s IP
  2. Login to the Integration Settings Control Panel for the current site and add the new sub-domain as an additional context via item 2 on the DOMAINS tab (“Add a Domain”)
  3. Then login to the Integration Settings Control Panel for the newly created context (e.g.
  4. Add the URL of your development environment's primary domain to the BASE TAG URL field on the DOMAINS tab for the new context (e.g., and integrate the new site with the ChamberMaster modules using the settings on the newly created sub-domain
  5. At the time of launch you will update the new site to use the primary sub-domain and will also copy all settings from the dev context to the live context via the DOMAINS tab > IMPORT button.

Once your dev subdomain has been setup, you can continue with the integration by creating a template page.

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