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Initial OAuth Setup

Getting Started

Get access to the API and OAuth from the Engagement team.

Once you have access, you can contact to get the Client ID and Secret.

Getting the Base URI

URIs follow a standard format of {customer_database_sub-domain}

The {customer_database_sub-domain} can be found by looking at your GrowthZone database URL and finding the sub-domain.

Common Endpoints





User Information

GET {customer_database_sub-domain}/oauth/userinfo

Additional Commonly Used Endpoints

GET {customer_database_sub-domain}/api/login/aboutme
GET {customer_database_sub-domain}/api/contacts/root/claims
GET {customer_database_sub-domain}/api/contacts/OrgGeneral/{ContactId}

Logout URL

Immediate Logout

POST {customer_database_sub-domain}/oauth/logout?post_logout_redirect_uri=

Logout with Confirmation

GET {customer_database_sub-domain}/oauth/logout?post_logout_redirect_uri=


This is the current recommended scope

"email openid profile offline_access"

You can edit it to your requirements.


We support Multiple OAuth 2 flows but we highly recommend the Grant Type Authorization Code flow.

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