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Multiple Category URL Strings


**Disclaimer: The following only works if your ChamberMaster/MemberZone is using Version 3 currently. If updated to Version 4, the strings will not always work. We are working to resolve this for our new Version 4 module pages.**

This document outlines how you can use the Multiple Category URL strings to quickly create and customize pages for a site. It works for both the Business Directory and Events.

For example if you wanted to list a specific set of categories and they weren’t all in one QuickLink you can create a new link on the fly for that category.

For example if they wanted to create a page for “Eat” and all they have is the Restaurants, Food & Beverages QuickLink you could create a multiple category page with just the desired categories.


Where to Eat Link created on the fly:

Not only does this create a page with those specified categories but it also changes the title of the page based upon what is entered in the URL. For example if I wanted to change that link from having the title of “Where to Eat” and instead just call it “Eat” all I do is update the link.

Now the page title is “Eat” instead.

If you wanted to add additional categories to this URL just add -# with the category number of the desired category and it’s added to the list.

The same can be done with events and the events calendar.

Currently when you want to display a specific category you use catgid/### and you end up with a title that says “Events Calendar – category name” and then customers come back and want it to just say the category name.

Instead of

you can use:

or the multiple category version if you wanted to display various categories:

Now you end up with a much friendlier title for that page. If you wanted to add more event categories it works the same as the Business Directory just ad a -# for each additional category ID that is to be included.

This also works with the events calendar layout in much the same way.

or the multiple category version if you wanted to display various categories:

If you need to adjust the titles of the page you can use the following guide to format the wording accordingly. My previous examples kept it simple:

Sports-and-recreation translates to Sports & Recreation

Where-to-eat translated to Where to Eat

If you wanted to spell out and or use commas or other punctuation you can use the following table as a reference.

URL SegmentRendered Text
2Events Calendar – <category name>
chamber-events-2Chamber Events
x–ray-technicians-2X-ray Technicians
technicians:x–ray-2Technicians: X-ray
technicians:-x–ray-2Technicians – X-ray
arts,culture,and-entertainment-2Arts, Culture, & Entertainment
arts,culture,_and-entertainment-2Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
one_fish…-blue_fish!-2One fish… Blue fish!
colon:_lowercase-2Colon: lowercase
_space–dash–space_-_lowercase-2space-dash-space – lowercase
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