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Module Styling Overview

For ChamberMaster/MemberZone:

Styling the look and feel (colors, fonts, sizing, etc.) of your modules is easy to do through the Integration Settings Control Panel. There are currently two style modes, “generic style preferences” where you can easily edit font sizes, font family; and there’s a nifty color value picker too! The other style mode is the “custom css,” which is an advanced setting that you can place in any css override as you choose.

  1. Login to the Integration Settings Control Panel using the ISCP login instructions.
  2. Click on the Appearance Tab.
  3. You now have access into the Generic Style Preferences and the Custom CSS. You can use both methods together in tandem and without conflict.

For GrowthZone:

Will add overriding CSS or HTML code inside GrowthZone. Go to Setup > GrowthZone pages > Actions > Style/CSS.

Style/CSS is where to add your CSS code.

Scripts like jQuery can be added to the Custom Footer HTML section.

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