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Finding API calls using the GrowthZone Database

Using the GrowthZone Database to find API calls

Have you ever tried to find a specific API call in our API Documentation? I know I have and unless its on the Curated API list it can be a very tedious process.
What If I told you there was a way of monitoring the GrowthZone Database and seeing what API calls it is making in order to find the exact call its using to pull that information? I know its saved me a large amount of time and I hope it will help save you time as well.

Please note

This guide also uses FireFox for the Screenshots

Step by step Guide:

1. Figure out what information you need to get the call for, for this example we are going to try to find a Members Work Email address


2. We are going to open the member in question and go to the tab or page that contains that information, then open up the Dev Tools of your chosen Browser and go to the Network tab, in Firefox the shortcut is CTRL + Shift + E you can also right click and in the menu that pop's up click the Inspect option.


3. Reload the page and look at the various calls that have been made


4. The call might not be obvious so you might have to do some digging to find it and generally you will want to look for the Response tab of the call to see the payload of the data


5. You would then take the call from the header paying attention to the type of call it is an test it to Postman to make sure that the call is working


6. You should now have a call and you can use whatever software you are using for testing to make sure it's working. The following example is using Postman and the usage of Postman is outside the scope of this guide.

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