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Banner Ads Overview

Banner ads are typically done on your homepage or other pages on your site and can be integrated via JavaScript widget. Although you can place the following code snippet wherever you would like these banner ads to show up, we highly recommend generating the banner ad widgets directly from the ISCP (CM/MZ) or GrowthZone Pages.

Javascript Widget Code Example for Banner Ads

<div id="mni-ads-1352430072354"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var _mnisq = _mnisq || [];
_mnisq.push(["1352430072354.context", 101], ["1352430072354.max", 5], ["1352430072354.rotate", true], ["1352430072354.duration", 4500], ["1352430072354.create", "mni-ads-1352430072354"]);
(function (b, d, a, c) { b.getElementById(d) || (c = b.getElementsByTagName(a)[0], a = b.createElement(a), a.type = "text/javascript", a.async = !0, a.src = "", c.parentNode.insertBefore(a, c)) })(document, "mni-ads-script", "script");

Additional Settings:

  • domain – The banner ad’s hosted domain. Usually in the form of
  • category – Optional ID for a specific category or quick-link.
  • context – Context which the ads are being displayed under.
  • max – Max number of ads to retrieve and render on the page. Filler ads may be inserted if not enough sponsor ads exist and the customer has enabled this option. Default value is 5 ads.
  • duration – Time between rotation animations, expressed in milliseconds. Default value is currently set at 4500 (4.5 secs).
  • rotate – Indicates whether the ads should be rotated. Valid values include true, 1, false or 0.
  • onLoading – Callback handler that is invoked during widget creation, but immediately prior to data retrieval. The element container is passed to the function.
  • onCreating – Callback handler responsible for rendering the ad sponsor data. The element container and array of sponsor ad data are passed respectively. The default function creates both image and text based ads within the ad container.
  • onCreated – Callback handler invoked after the widget has been fully loaded. The default function begins the animation sequence if ad rotation was requested.
  • create – Executes the creation of an ad widget on the page. Value provided must be an element ID that exists on the page which acts as a placeholder and container for the ads.

Iframe Support for Banner Ads:

While the implementation of the Banner Ads using the iframe method isn’t recommended, the Banner Ads do support the use of the iframe tag. There might be some cases where your website or content management system might not support the JavaScript widget, so the use of iframes could be an alternative.

<iframe id="cm_sponsor" name="cm_sponsors" src="" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"  scrolling="no" width="480" height="60" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>
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