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Alternate Integration Method Using Iframes


  • Integrating the SEO version of the GrowthZone/ChamberMaster modules within iframes should be a “last resort”, because many of the SEO advantages of the new modules will not be as visible to search engine spiders when the module content is within an iframe.
  • Using iframes for your integration will also introduce usability issues on responsive websites because iframes with variable height content do not work particularly well on mobile devices (the user ends up with nested scrollbars besides iframe width issues).
  • The usability concerns with an iframed integration also include that links to pages like specific events or business categories cannot be created in a way that the content resides within your site template, e.g. if you want to send a visitor to your area a link to a specific business category, you can send them the link to the content, but it would be shown without the wrapper of your site.  Or when you send email event invitations, the links to the event details will point to the event details within a blank white background rather than within the shell of your site and it will not include a way to get to your main website.
  • WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites can be easily integrated using the template method.
  • At this point, iframes are the most easily maintainable option with some Content Management systems, like Yahoo Sitebuilder or Wix.
    • Note that if SEO is especially important for the site, you may want to consider creating and hosting a static HTML page template based upon the look/feel of the site which would need to be maintained apart from the CMS, but which would allow for indexing of the GrowthZone/ChamberMaster pages.

Iframe Integration Example:

<iframe src="" width="600" height="800" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

To link other modules to your pages, just swap out the “src” attribute in the iframe tag with the following (using the organization’s aname where indicated):

  • Member Directory:
  • Event Calendar:
  • Hot Deals:
  • Jobs:
  • Contact Us:
  • Info Requests:
  • Weather:
  • Member Login:

If you are on ChamberMaster, a complete list of the urls that we provide can be found on the “/integration/” page. For example:

Example Integration Locations

If you are on GrowthZone, you are able to create your own public module urls. Please see the Setup > GrowthZone Pages > Actions > Modules/Pages to obtain a list of urls.

Customizing the CSS

The GrowthZone/ChamberMaster Default CSS will be inserted into the module pages automatically.  If you would like to edit/update the CSS to match the look and feel of your site, in ChamberMaster, you will need to login to the Integration Settings Control Panel and modify the Appearance tab; and in GrowthZone, it is under Setup > GrowthZone Pages > Actions > Style/CSS.

Additional iframe Parameters

You may want to use these additional iframe parameters to achieve the desired visual effect on your website.  Note: values in “{}”are the parameter options which you will need to edit; do not use them “as is”.

  • height=”{number in pixels}”
  • width=”{number in pixels}”
  • allowtransparency=”{true or false}”
  • frameborder=”{number in pixels}”
  • scrolling=”{yes, no, or auto}”
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