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Additional Parameters

As an addition to the base scrolling module code you also have the ability to control several different options via key/value as a JavaScript parameter. Such options include the ability to enable/disable the scrolling, limit the days back, max items, etc. Below are the details about the additional parameters.

Upcoming Events Scrolling Module with JavaScript Parameters:

domain – Organization’s MicroNet hosted domain. Usually in the form of

type – Required property used to select the type of scrolling module to display. Valid types are currently limited to the following:

  1. business_new – New businesses
  2. business_featured – Featured businesses
  3. events_upcoming – Upcoming events
  4. events_featured – Featured events
  5. news_current – Current news

marquee – Indicates whether the items in a list should scroll: the Marquee parameter supports 3 options – true (scrolls), false (static), “auto” (scrolls if the items would otherwise be cut off due to the height of the container)

category – A unique identifier used to filter the results to a specific category within the module.

limit – Maximum number of items to retrieve and render on the page. Defaults to the module specific setting for limits.

daysForward – Applicable to the upcoming events scrolling module only. Indicates the number of days to look ahead for upcoming events. Defaults to the organization’s upcoming limit setting.

daysBack – Applicable to the new business scrolling module only. Indicates the number of days to look back for new businesses. Defaults to the organization’s new member expiration setting.

targetTemplate – Applicable to the event type scrolling modules only. The setting is used to assign a specific template to the generated hyperlink URLs.

popUp – Indicates whether hyperlinks, if generated, should open in a new window when clicked. Defaults to true.

showEndDate – Applicable to the event type scrolling modules only. The setting indicates whether end dates are appended to displayed dates. Defaults to false.

showLinks – Indicates whether hyperlinks should be created. Defaults to true.

onLoading – Callback handler that is invoked during widget creation, but immediately prior to data retrieval. The element container is passed to the function.

onCreating – Callback handler responsible for rendering the ad sponsor data. The element container and array of scrolling module data is passed respectively. The default function creates the scrolling wrapper and items (ie. date, name, link) within the widget’s container.

onCreated – Callback handler invoked after the widget has been fully loaded. The default function begins the animation sequence if marquee was requested.

create – Executes the creation of a scrolling module widget on the page. Value provided must be an element ID that exists.

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