SSL and the ChamberMaster GrowthZone Modules

If you would like to serve your website over SSL the ChamberMaster / GrowthZone modules must also be secured.  We are able to provide the needed SSL certificate(s) to secure your sub-domain that is pointed to our servers by setting up and installing a non-expiring, Domain Validated SSL certificate for your sub-domain for no fee.

We do not support a mixed protocol integration where either the main site or the ChamberMaster / GrowthZone content are delivered securely while the other part is not.  Meaning that both sides of the integration must use the same protocol, both either using HTTP or both using HTTPS.

Some items may or need to be completed by the web master for the website before and after adding the SSL certificate. This includes resolving mixed content warnings, changing the sources from HTTP to HTTPS, and adding a helper script to the Head section of the website. This will enable our widgets to display correctly on your pages such as your homepage.

Please contact our Support Team at for more information about using SSL with the ChamberMaster / GrowthZone public module content.